The Love Where Your Money Goes process is divided in three Stages: Know, Control and Love. 


Stage 1: Know YOURSELF AND where your money goes (and IS)

The first step of the process, and for many, the most difficult.
The goal? To understand clearly and objectively where you're standing today and, more importantly, your values, priorities, dreams and desires.

It's about getting to know your personal money story and see how it impacts how you use your money as well having a clear understanding of your current investments. There is no judgement, only understanding. I believe that the best way to start a journey, any journey, is knowing where you are starting it. Having the confidence of going in through this first stage will give you the clarity of your present state to help you propel forward in your journey. 

Keywords for this stage: Objectivity. Clarity. Understanding. 

STAGE 2: control where your money goes

Controlling where your money goes is the next step. Think of it as clarity in execution. It's not about micro-managing each and every dollar in and out. It's not even about having a budget: it's about having the clarity on how you use your money. Coincidentally, this process will lead you to a more mindful way of using other resources as well, like your attention and your time. 

Through this process, we'll develop a Money Map: A living, breathing document that encompasses your income with your values, your priorities, your dreams and your desires, both for the short and the long term.

Keywords for this stage: Money Map. Intention. Mindfulness.

STAGE 3: love where your money goes

Love where your money goes is more than the final step in this process. It becomes a lifestyle.

Through ongoing support (via regular meetings, webinars and other educational materials), and annual revisits to your Money Map, you'll find that using your money becomes a source of joy and happiness, instead of something that stresses you or creates conflict in you or your family. Why? Because you'll use your money (and probably other resources as well) in true alignment with your values and priorities; and because we'll be there helping you monitor how you're getting closer to fulfilling your dreams and desires, making adjustments to your investments as you get closer to them or as there are movements (positive or negative) in the financial markets, and offering additional recommendations to help you love even more where your money goes.

Keywords for this stage: Alignment. Growth. Happiness. 

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