Free Webinar: Uncovering Investment Myths
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Free Webinar: Uncovering Investment Myths

"Achieve financial independence through day trading, I'll show you how!" 
"I'll help you beat the market!"
"10 stocks to buy today"

Noise. There's a lot of it. Specially when talking about investing. There are "gurus" that sell you the latest "algorithm" or access to their "trading school" to help you, supposedly, achieve financial independence through trading. There are others that, through the media, give you the "signals" to buy X investment or to avoid buying shares of Y company. Then, there's your "brother in law" that alwys tells you how great he's doing in the market. Or the financial advisor that's always calling you (at the most inoportune times) to offer you the latest investment "idea".

I call all of this BS.

And I'm tired of it. Of all the misinformation. The half-truths. The bold promises with 20 pages of disclaimers.

In this webinar, I'll show you why not only all of this is BS, but what you can do instead. I'll show you the things that some gurus charge thousands of dollars to "teach" and why you really don't need to know them.

I'll help you to tune out the noise around investing, so that you can focus on what really matters to you.

So, if I'm not charging you for this, what's the catch? The only catch is that when you enroll to this webinar, you'll be added to my mailing list, and I'll ocassionally send you invitations to more events, as well as my podcast episodes and such. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Who is this for? People that are unsure about how to manage their own money. People that are considering getting into an "online trading" school. People that are unsatisfied with their investments and maybe their financial advisor.

Note: You're welcome to attend this event in person, but seating is extremely limited. If you plan to attend in person, please choose the appropriate ticket type in Eventbrite.

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Live on Your Terms
1:00 PM13:00

Live on Your Terms

Live on Your Terms:  Re-think planning for retirement and live financially confident today and in the decades to come.

The idea of retirement (and planning for it) is getting outdated and even maybe not for everyone: 

  • We are living longer.

  • A career is no longer about working for 30+ years in the same place hoping to get a pension to sustain you.

  • "Retirement" is no longer about doing "nothing" for thirty years. 

In this two hour webinar, I'll share with you the changing reality of planning for retirement, where the financial industry gets "retirement" wrong, and what you could do instead to manage how you use your money.  

It is intended for: 

  • Entrepreneurs that make great income but are not sure about how "retirement planning" could apply to them.
  • Professionals with great careers and, as a result, with 401(k)'s and other financial accounts splattered all over the place. 
  • People who feel that the advice they've been getting is not enough or not applicable for them. 
  • People who would love more clarity about how to plan/manage their finances, even if they make substantial incomes ($250,000 or more per year). 

We'll Discuss: 

  • Why "traditional" retirement planning may not be for everyone (and how it's getting outdated by the day!). 
  • The alternatives to "traditional" retirement planning. 
  • How you can create a financial life on your terms and not on someone else's. 
  • And more.

When/Where/How Much: 

When: July 20, 2018, at 1:00PM MST/ 12:00 PST/ 3:00PM EST
Where: Via Zoom, at the comfort of your own home.
How Much: $95, paid via Eventbrite

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Photo by Chloe Si on Unsplash

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