Normal is waking up at 5AM every day for a 2 hour commute. Normal is working from home. Normal is working 12 hour shifts. Normal is losing track of the time you actually work. Normal is staying at home with the kids. Normal is working while the kids are taken care of. Normal is wishing to retire at 65. Normal is never retiring. Normal is having your first kid at 22. Normal is never having kids. Normal is marrying. Normal is staying single. Normal is having a beer at 10AM. Normal is never drinking. Normal is living in debt. Normal is abhorring debt. Normal is living with your parents when you're 35. Normal is moving away as soon as you could. Normal is making $X per year. Normal is saving money for a rainy day. Normal is wishing a rainy day never comes because you "live for the moment". Normal is whatever you want it to be.

Everyone has their "normal". Each of us faces unique challenges and opportunities. Your priorities may not be the same as your neighbor's. And that's OK. It's precisely because your life is, well, uniquely yours, that your financial picture and you plan for it needs to be carefully taken care of, every season, regardless of where you are in life. Who takes care of your financial picture? How well groomed is it? Do you need help with it? As a Fee-Only, Certified Financial Planner professional, I can gladly help you ensure that your own personal, unique financial life is where it should be. 

Send me a message and let's talk. My passion is helping you love where your money goes. Regardless of your normal.