"Let's Make Something Better"

At 4 years old, my daughter is a great teacher in life lessons. She's a wise girl. 

The other day we were playing with her Legos. She wanted to build a tall tower with a "door". So, we started building. And building. And building. The tower became very tall, we used a lot of pieces. 

And then, it fell down. I thought my girl was going to become stressed, anxious or disillusioned because her quest to build the tallest tower had failed. I felt ready to hug her, to tell her that I was sorry that her tower had fell down, but held myself and decided to wait.

Nothing of what I thought may happen actually happened. Instead, she just said "It's OK. Let's make something better". And she got back to work. 

We built another tower. And then, she built a house. And then, something else.

I'll never forget her reaction and I'll remember to apply it next time something does not come out as planned. I'll try again, and I'll make it better. 

"It's OK. Let's make something better"

 The tower before falling down (and my daughter)

The tower before falling down (and my daughter)